Think Green

Environmentally Friendly Features of Robot Lawnmowers

Think Green

Think Green


If you Think Green, then green is what you shall have when you purchase one of our amazing Robotic Lawnmower systems, whichever model you choose it will deliver you a beautifully thick green carpet of lawn, without causing any damage to our very precious planet, in fact you will actually be helping mother nature along the way.

Our lawn care systems are fully autonomous and once installed by our efficient and friendly technicians, it will give you hours and hours of free time to enjoy the pleasures of life. Each time your robot comes out to mow, it will cut very fine clippings which are valuable "food" for your lawn, so there's no need of ever having to feed or weed your lawn with chemicals, as this natural mulching process will produce a healthy and beautiful lawn. Grass clippings are too valuable to be discarded as waste, as they provide vital nutrients including nitrogen which is beneficial to your lawn and also to worms and other insects, providing them with organic matter to live a happy existence! Therefore you will be playing an important role in Wildlife Conservation. It has been reported that a lawn of half an acre can generate over 4 tonnes of grass cuttings in a year! This is a huge waste of valuable organic fertiliser and also your precious time and effort. This can all be saved by our Robot Lawn Mower, you can put your feet up with peace of mind that you are "doing your bit" for your planet by "Grasscycling" and managing your waste, which should be encouraged and supported as much as possible to help our environment.

Your reliable Robot Lawn Mower is a faithful friend in helping protect our environment. It will not emit nasty emissions like traditional mowers that run on oil or petrol. Recent studies of exhaust fumes from petrol mowers found 26 different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are carcinogenic chemicals, these included carbon monoxide, methane and nitrogen oxide. Mowing with a petrol mower will expose you to the risk of breathing in these toxic chemicals and cause irritation or even harm to your respiratory system. As well as harm to yourself, you are also causing great harm to our environment, and contributing to global warming, which is causing the severe climate changes we see today. We must take urgent action globally to help reduce gas emissions so we can avoid further damage to our planet, we can again all "do our bit" to clean up our atmosphere by cutting our energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Robotic Lawn Mower range will cut down on airborne pollen too, which can reduce the risk of hayfever symptoms for those that normally suffer irritation from grass pollens during mowing season, enabling you to enjoy your garden more and improving your health and well being.

You will also notice how quiet your robot mower works at less than 50 decibels helping to cut down on noise pollution levels and keep your neighbours and family happy to enjoy peace and tranquillity every time you mow.

Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mowers are here to save the day! Yes Literally! You will have more time to relax and enjoy your garden, therefore saving your precious summertime hours from manually mowing, feeding, weeding and watering. Your own faithful robot gardener will work away while you are on holiday too, so no more returning to an overgrown or sun scorched lawn as it will keep it looking beautifully groomed ready for you to enjoy on your arrival home.

There are many positives to having a Robot Lawn Mower system caring for your lawns you will benefit from being Environmentally Friendly in many ways, it is also Energy Efficient, it will save you time and effort as it is reliable and convenient. Our experienced team can explain the advantages further to you either via email or by arranging for one of our home based demos, where one of our technicians will visit and show you just how amazing and "green" they are. You will be glad you made the decision to choose ALM, we care very much about our planet and its future.

"Think Green"