How the Robots work?

How Robot Lawn Mowers from Auto Lawn Mow Work

How the Robots work?The number one thing that makes Auto Lawn Mow mowers so very useful is the ability to mow the lawn, go back and recharge itself and then go out and mow again WITHOUT ANY HELP!

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How They Work Details

Without any doubt the most frequently asked question we get is "How does it work?" Our short answer is VERY WELL!

What most people have to learn and understand about robotic lawn mowers is this. Take your local golf club for example and the way the putting greens are always manicured to perfection all year round. This is because of the mowing process. You see golf greens are mowed twice sometimes three times per week by the green keeper in order to keep them looking so good and playing smooth like that of a carpet pile effect.

Now Keeping in mind our Irish weather climate of mixed rainy days, and yet the golf greens always look like perfection.

The exact same results as the golf green keeper are achieved by anyone using one of our robotic Auto Lawn Mower range, like the green keeper who mows the greens at the local golf club a few times per week and all year round regardless of the weather conditions Auto Lawn Mowers do the same for your home lawns. The robotic auto mower will transform your lawns into a manicured golf green effect. This will happen because it will mows your lawns every day, except when it is raining of course as the Auto Lawn mower is programmed to return to it little base station if it starts raining. If you have not yet viewed our movie then we highly recommend it.

Important for New Customers to Understand the difference between their traditional Lawn Mower mindset and that of a Auto Robotic Lawn Mower.

It is very important never to compare robotic lawn mowers to that of your traditional lawn mower. One of the mains reasons is many people get mixed up when trying to compare their super old traditional lawn mower friend to that of a new state of the art robotic auto lawn mower, understanding the difference really is so important.

Traditional lawn mowers are only taken out once per week, sometimes once per fortnight in some cases by the homeowner. Traditional lawn mowers then have to face an inch or even inches of new grass to be cut. Auto robotic Lawn Mowers cut daily as they have nothing else to do with their free time.

You see the daily work load on any auto robotic mowers is virtually "zero" as the robotic auto mowers only has to mow a very very fine fiber of grass tip daily. In fact the growth is more in terms of a 2-3 millimeters per day for auto lawn mowers. Just the same as the green keeper mowing the greens at your local golf club. The green keeper only mows tiny fibers of grass tips from the playing greens because he mows them so often. This is what creates the perfect green and your lawn can become the same with a Auto robotic Lawn mower.

Another area of mixed mindset for Irish customers can be that ! What about the rain and our wet climate in Ireland? To help you better understand the issue of rain fall etc you first must understand that even in Ireland the green keeper at all our courses across Ireland have no problems keeping the golf playing greens in manicured condition for the players despite all the rain fall. The reason for this is because the golf greens are mowed few times per week so mowing within a few hrs after heavy rain does not effect the mower as it is only mowing very small fibres of grass.

Pond-lawnWe hope this clears your mind and explains the important difference between traditional lawn mowers and Auto Robotic lawn mowers. Let move on now to how the robotic mowers are set up and work.

In short, a wire like those used for an invisible dog fence is run around the perimeter of your lawn and is installed by one of our trained professionals.

The wire is carefully laid and pegged around areas where the automatic lawnmower should not go such as a flowerbed, decking or pavement areas and any other lawn obstacles. This task takes a little thought and planning before proceeding. But don't worry as our trained installers take care of that for you.

The Auto Lawn Mow Base Station installation.

Auto Lawn Mow Base Station installation When your lawns are prepared with the perimeter wire it is now time to set up the re-chargeable base station.  The perimeter wires are now connected into the base station. The next process is connecting the base station to the main power supply.
When the base station is connected to the main power supply you are almost ready for action. The next phase of operation is to program the Auto Lawn Mow mower from the back digital control panel as shown below.

charging unit900

Robot Features

l200_e_tastiera_1Our trained installer will now analyse your lawn areas around your home for mow cycle zoning. The installer will begin programming your Auto Lawn Mow mower accordingly to each zone. This whole process is a one off set up.

As each lawn varies in size and shape each programming set up is different. Once it is all set up and installed by our fitter you can just sit back for years of enjoyment. Your friends and neighbours will be astonished how it "just knows" to go to your property line or garden and turn away. You will soon have a fan club lining up just to watch your Auto Lawn Mow mower working.

Watch the L200 Evolution in action

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