Robot Lawn Mower Features

Choosing the right lawn mower can simplify lawn mowing and keep the grass looking healthy. For better results one must buy an automatic lawn mower .An automatic lawn mower uses a variety of sensors and navigation techniques to cut your lawn. Advancement in technology has made automatic lawn mowers even safer and more convenient now.

Below are some of the unique automatic lawn mower features that will help you get more from your mowing

Automatic Charging in Auto Lawn Mowers Automatic Programming in Auto Lawn Mowers
Automatic Charging
AutoLawnMow returns to its charging station when the batteries are low or the schedule you have set is complete.

[200 & 300 series only]

Automatic Programming
AutoLawnMow learns when your grass needs cutting by its growth and length, adjusting mowing and charging time accordingly.

[100DL, 200Evo & 300 series only]

Security PIN in Automatic lawn mowers Advanced Safety System in Automatic Lawn Mowers
Security PIN
To deter theft, AutoLawnMow comes with a PIN security system.

[200 & 300 series only]

Advanced Safety System
For added safety, the blade stops if the carry handle is touched.

[300 series only]

Smart Spiral Alarm system in Automatic Lawn Mowers
Smart Spiral
In heavy grass areas, AutoLawnMow's mowing pattern changes to 'SmartSpiral' to ensure an even cut.

[300 series only]

AutoLawnMow comes fitted with an audible alarm to deter theft.

[200Evo & 300 series only]

Rain Sensor in Automatic Lawn Mowers Automatic Blade Speed
Rain Sensor
Although fully waterproof, best results are achieved if you cut your lawn when the grass is dry. AutoLawnMow's rain sensors ensure that it stops mowing and returns to the border wire or charging station when it senses rain.

[All models]

Automatic Blade Speed
The blade speed adjusts according to the height and thickness of the grass. The blade is reversible for twice the life.

[200DL, 200Evo & 300 series only]

Automatic Lawn Mowers run by Remote Control
Remote Control
The ability to programme and control AutoLawnMow from a distance.

[Bluetooth on 300 series only]