Benefits of the Robot Lawn Mowers from Auto Lawn Mow

Handles slopes
Safe Automatic Lawn Mowers : Handles slopes

Creates ideal conditions for grass growth Creates ideal conditions forgrass growth

Adjustable height of cut Automatic Lawn Mowers : Adjustable height of cut

Built in rain sensor Safe Automatic Lawn Mowers: Built in rain sensor


  • A perfect lawn without the hard work
  • No grass clippings to collect

Free time

  • Dispense with the weekly chore of mowing the lawn
  • Leaves you with more time for the things you enjoy


  • AutoLawnMow will cut out if lifted or turned over
  • AutoLawnMow will cut out if lifted or turned over
  • If AutoLawnMow touches a tree or any other obstacle, it will reverse safely and select a new direction to mow

Healthy lawn

  • The finely cut grass clippings are a great source of nitrogen for your lawn, essentially providing you with a natural fertiliser.

Environmentally friendly

  • No petrol
  • No oil
  • No emissions
  • Recycles the grass clippings


  • Easy to install and use
  • Operating days and times can be easily set*

* Model dependant