Introducing The New WEED ROLLER to Ireland

The Weedroller in actionThe newest and most cost effective way to apply weed killer around your gardens Only available in Ireland through your authorized Auto Lawn Mow Dealer

Weedroller is a non-spray liquid applicator system, particularly suitable for herbicide application, e.g. glyphosate (Roundup herbicide). The Weedroller consists of a handle which is the liquid reservoir and an adjustable flow control system which feeds the desired amount of liquid an to a roller which dispenses it again onto the outer roller ball.

The weedroller is designed to act as a reservoir outside the main handle reservoir. The weedroller is made of a special durable foam storage compound that acts as a dynamic surface. The continual flexing of the roller during operation pumps the liquid from within the roller to the outside surfaces. This flexing also reduces materials adhering to the roller surface. One side of the roller is flat to allow easy operation along vertical surfaces like walls and kerbs.

Simply rolls it over weeds

Weedroller:Weed Killer for lawn care

  • Ideal for glyphosate (Roundup' herbicide)
  • Equally effective on flat or big/tall weeds
  • No spray drif
  • Durable, lightweight cost construction
  • No over spray
  • Targets weeds, reducing waste
  • Reduces chemical usage by to 80%
  • Guaranteed to help in the war against weeds
  • Easy to use, even in windy conditions
  • Supplied with full instructions.
  • Great!


Weedroller is a revolutionary new method of application which eradicates weeds easily, efficiently and safely by simply rolling the moist roller over the weeds. There is no spraying, therefore there is absolutely no spray drift even in windy conditions. Besides, there is no over spray and wastage, reducing chemical usage by up to 80%. The Weedroller is especially useful for control of weeds along fence lines, streets, buildings, driveways, paths, patios and around trees and for scattered weeds in pastures, orchards and crops.

Launching 2007