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Automatic lawn mowers are now available throughout Ireland since 2005. AutoLawnMow was the pioneers of launching automatic lawn mowers onto the Irish market.

Ambrogio robot lawn mowers are the Most Sophisticated Range of technology Robot Lawn Mower System in the World today offering up to 15 different robot mowers complete with Rain Sensors and 100% Waterproof Systems for the Irish Market.

AutoLawnMow offers A full two year guarantee on all automatic lawn mowers. Professionally trained home robot lawn mower fitting service available on all automatic lawn mower models. AutoLawnMow is the only company in the UK and Ireland that offers a professional robotic lawn mower circuit injection system during our professional home fitting service.

Injecting your automatic lawn mower circuit neatly under the surface of your lawns ensures your lawn circuit wire is protected from elements of frost and all weather conditions, plus ensuring no animals visitors during the night damage the lawn circuit wiring of your automatic lawn mower.

AutoLawnMow offers door to door service for all after sales and servicing . Direct technical support lines Mon Friday.

Watch our robot lawn mowers drive around your home from lawn to lawn without any human intervention required. 100% Automated Lawn Care Solution Systems.

How would you like your lawns to be mowed automatically while you sit back and enjoy some relaxing time in the garden with the family!

Robot Lawn Mowers Video

Robot Lawn Mowers in mediaAutoLawnMow (Ireland) Patrick Mc Cann Interview
Founder of AutoLawnMow Ireland), interviewed July 2008 for NTL Ireland's 'Evergreen' TV Show. ... Lawn Mower Mowing ...

Robot Lawn Mowers in mediaAutoLawnMow on RTE's Nationwide
RTE's Nationwide TV show features AutoLawnMow at the North West's Ideal Home Exhibition. ... Ideal Home Exhibition ...

Robot Lawn Mowers in mediaRobot Lawn Mowers
The world's No 1 Robotic Lawn Mower. Save our planet by switching to a robot lawn mower.Did you know that a traditional ...

Robot Lawn Mowers in mediaAutoLawnMow on RTE's Nationwide
RTE's Nationwide TV show features AutoLawnMow at the Punchestown May 2008 Ideal Home Exhibition

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